Don’t have a cowl, man!

I am exactly like Batman, fulfilling the following criteria-


-has a cowl


This’ll be a short post as the pattern is freely available on Knitty- it’s called Eleanor.


You can see my jaunty stitch-markers (which I have now lost, apparently) at the top and a little of the lace pattern that made it such an enjoyable knit.

Here it is after I cast off.

As with many lace patterns, blocking was important to get it looking great…

I might even treat you to a photo of my neck next time I wear it (memory pending).



My lack of posting recently has not been purely due to term starting again- my rubbish ISP has let me down and I’ve had no internet at home for a week now. And no, I don’t know how I’m managing to cope.

Even though we had unseasonably good weather (pretty standard for the first week schools start), I decided that September marked the beginning of winter, so I have started a little knitting project. It is the Eleanor cowl on Knitty, which I hope will be more convenient to wear than a scarf. Also, with a cowl, I can pretend I’m Batman!

Here’s where I am so farImage

More soon!