I’m posting about this as I think it’s interesting even though my sense of perfectionism/harsh superego (shout out to any psychoanalytically oriented readers!) nearly prohibits it. Recently, some friends and I went to a mosaic-making workshop. For somewhat obscure reasons, I decided on a Mario theme and chose the exact design based on the tiles available. Here’s my rather rough-around-the-edges finished productHere’s how this wonderful effect was achieved.Image

Step 1: The highly technical drawingsImage

I laid the tiles down to check that dimensions were okay. The baseboard is just an old piece of MDF.

Step 2: Cut tiles into fragments and glue down with PVAImageImage

Step 3: High and dry

Leave your board to dry for at least an hour, so that the pieces of tile will stay solid when you start grouting. Looking back at this picture, I wish I’d used a darker colour of grout. Oh well, it’s all learning for next time.

Step 4: I’m a mosaic, get me grout of here!

Mix up your grout with water to approximately the consistency of toothpaste and then get messy. Smear it all over the place, using either a proper tool or an old credit card to work it down into all the gaps.ImageLeave for about 10 minutes until it begins to dry, while you prepare a bowl of warm water and a sponge.

Step 4: Clean it up

Gently clean the grout from the surface of the tiles with your clean sponge, rinsing frequently. You’re just wiping off the surface, trying to keep all of the grout between the tiles level. This step takes ages, but you should be left with something like this.Image

Step 5: Polish

Just polish it up with a clean t-shirt and voila!


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